All You Need to Know About Roofing Inspections

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A home is said to be the most expensive purchase you could ever make. What most people don’t know is that roofing is the second most, and yet it’s part of the house!

Whether you are planning to sell your home or you are buying one, roof inspection should be part of your checklist, and definitely at the top. While it is very important to secure a safe roof for your home, it can also be quite an investment, but for good reasons.


Why Roofing Inspection is a Win-Win

Roof inspections are done to asses the integrity and lifespan of your roof, how to maintain it and when to replace. Roof inspectors do not climb and walk on roofs as that would be unsafe for both humans and roof.  Most home inspection companies today use advanced technology such as infrared thermography and even drone mapping to accurately assess the conditions of the roof. Generally, roof inspectors conduct special procedures to determine the lifespan of the roof without tearing anything apart.

Your roof is the first line of defense against extreme weather conditions, be it hailstorm or summer heat. Neglecting your roof’s condition until the first sign of leaking shows means you are on to an unpleasant surprise – structural issues, mold growth, insulation problems and more.

The conditions and life expectancy of your roof can vary from state to state and from weather to weather. In the state of Ohio, the weather is classified as humid subtropical under the Köppen climate classification. Does humidity affect your roof’s integrity? Of course.

Professional and licensed home inspectors in Columbus, Ohio, such as Master Building Inspectors specializes in roof inspections by checking all possible signs of damage. Commonly reported signs of damage are as follows:

  Missing, damaged, curling, buckling, or torn shingles

  Rusted or missing flashing

  Damaged gutters, downspouts, and splash pans

  Compromised roof valley

  Rotten wood or moisture in attics

  Leaky gaskets on screws (metal roofs)

Excessive moisture can expedite the water process of your roof. If this expedition goes beyond the roofing and affects the attic and other parts of your home, it can cause mold, rot, and weaken your home’s overall structure.

Master Building Inspectors, “We can look into attic ventilation to make sure you have enough airflow to deal with Ohio’s brutally hot summer months, and we also check for adequate insulation in your attic to help with those heating and cooling bills.”


DIY vs Professional Inspection

Because a roof inspection can be costly, you would want to hire a professional to do the job and look for InterNACHI certified home inspectors. It’s a rather expensive take to do the roofing inspection yourself and miss out on a fraction of issues. Obvious damages can be easily seen such as missing or flapping shingles, but certain types of damages, however, may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Professional roof inspectors will be looking into the four facets of your roof: structure, materials, interiors and workmanship.

Columbus Ohio, home inspection company Master Building Inspectors, submits a full-color report printed onsite at the end of the inspection. All details, what needs to be repaired, replaced and maintained, are included in the report.

Don’t let unspotted damages outwit you. Call your local home inspector today.

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Master Building Inspectors will be your home buying or selling advocate! Committed to providing you with outstanding service. Highly experienced and extremely thorough. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Ohio area, we can help!

Pat Bruce owns and operates Master Building Inspectors. He has professional Licenses and is a certified home inspector. Additionally, he takes pride in his commitment to following high standards and providing professional service to all of our customers.

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