Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist: What to Inspect

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It is vital to have a home inspection checklist so that the entire process adopts a systematic approach. Since there are many items that require to be assessed, taking a few notes from a home inspection checklist decreases chances of error and increases efficiency while on site.


A comprehensive home inspection checklist like the one below allows you to assess each part of the home. The items that are in good condition can be checked off while those are not can be taken not of. The home inspection checklist is as below:

Grounds – The grounds should:

• Have good grading drainage that is flowing away from the house.
• Should not have standing water.
• Should not have a leech field or septic tank that is leaking.
• The walkways, trees, landscaping and yard should be in good condition.
• There should be no bushes or branches that is overhanging the roof or touching the house
• Exterior structures should not have evidence of rotted wood or termite damage. These include detached garages, retaining walls, decks, sheds or fences.
• All downspout drainages should be directed away from the structure
• Entrance landings, patios, sidewalks and driveways should be pitched away from structure and be in good condition.
• Railings on decks and stairs are secure and adequate.

Structure – It should include the following:

• The visible part of the foundation should be in good condition. It should lack cracks and should be plumb and straight.
• Doorframes and window should appear square
• The sides of the house should appear straight.
• Fascia board and ridge lines should be level and straight.

Exterior surface – The following should be checked:

• Exterior surfaces should not have stains
• Exterior paint should not have blisters or flaking
• The structure’s surface should lack vines
• Aluminum or vinyl siding should not be loose, no bowing, damage or dents
• Stucco should not have large cracks
• Masonry veneers should not have flaking, spalling, broken or crack of component joints
• Siding should not have decay, loose, curling or cracking.

Doors, windows and wood trim – Home inspection list should assess:

• Windows should have drip caps
• Thermal glass or storm windows should be used
• Muntin should be in good condition
• No damaged screens, broken glasses and should have insulated window seals
• Frame joints should be caulked
• Trim pieces and wood frames should be secure and in good condition

Roof – Check:

• Composition shingles should not have cupping, curling, not broken, missing or damaged
• Chimneys should be properly flashed and straight. Bricks and mortar to be in good condition.
• Gutters to have sealed joints, no rust/decay, no sagging/bending and should be securely attached.
• Fascia and soffits should have no stain or decay
• Wood shakes or shingles should have no curling, decay, mold or crack
• Flat roofs should not have splits, cracks, obvious patches, silt deposits or wrinkles

Attic – Check:

• Electrical splices should not be open
• No appliance vents, exhaust or plumbing should terminate in attic
• There should not be evidence of damage or decay
• Underside of roofing should lack stains
• Insulation should be sufficient and well-installed
• Ventilation should be adequate

Other things that a good home inspection list contains are Interior Rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Miscellaneous, Mechanical Room/Basement, Crawl Space, Plumbing, Electrical and Heating/Cooling System.


All the items listed above are what constitute a comprehensive home inspection checklist. In fact, it is good to always have one to ensure a home inspector does a thorough job. Alternatively, homeowners can use the home inspection checklist above to perform DIY inspections. – (BPT)

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