1-Year Builder’s Warranty

Don’t Pay for Your Builder’s Mistakes: The Importance of Builder’s Warranty Home Inspection!

FACT! Your Builder’s Warranty On Your New Home Is About To Expire And You Need An Independent Evaluation Of The Property By Your Professional Columbus Ohio Home Inspector!

And Did You Know That If You Don’t Notify Your Builder NOW Of Any Issues The Home May Have, You Will Have Lost Your Chance To Do So Forever? ~Pat Bruce, Owner

Of The “New Homes” Just Like Yours That We’ve Inspected Recently, Here’s What We’ve Found:

  • Electrical Hazards
  • Structural Problems
  • HVAC Problems
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Roof Leaks
  • Safety Hazards

And Guess What…The homeowners had no idea of these issues

So Here’s What You Need To Know: 

You Need An Independent Evaluation Of Your Property By Your Professional Home Inspector, Master Building Inspectors To Protect Your Home Investment!

Give Master Building Inspectors a call today! 740-233-8866 We will evaluate your home from the foundation to the roof and all areas in between. We’ll then produce a report with a list of issues. This report is what you can give to your Builder so that he can pay for his own mistakes and you won’t get stuck holding the bag for future repairs.

From the first phone call to the end of the report I thought I was treated with respect and courtesy. Holly scheduled me and then we had to change days. Pat was helpful in understanding what he was doing and why. I had my son-in-law with me and Pat answered his questions as well. All reports were received on time. I would recommend this company to others. ~Susie Blues

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STOP Don't let your 1-Year Builder's Warranty Expire without a professional home inspection done by Masters Building InspectorsDon’t Let Time Run Out On YOU! Your Builder Provided this 1-Year Builder’s Warranty To YOU Which Covers Defects In Workmanship Or Materials. The only way to know if there are issues is to get a professional 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection!

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